Thank you for checking out The Stop Boys, the boy band to end all boy bands (we hope).

You won't be disappointed...or maybe you will. Either way! 

As you may be able to tell, we don't take ourselves too seriously...but what other rappers tell you that you could be just as awesome as they are? 

Below, you can see a trailer for our upcoming pilot, and listen to our first ever song, Unstoppable.

Enjoy, and always remember to Show Up and Be Awesome.

Blaze, the self-proclaimed bad-boy of the band and our fearless leader, is producing a pilot based on the semi-fictional (ok, totally fictional) meteoric rise of the greatest boy-band, ever.


You can’t top me cuz I’m un-toppable
You can’t drop me cuz I’m undroppable
Just try, and awesome-atiiiiiiiize
You cant stop me cuz im unstoppable

All:  Show up and be awesome!

Fly:  Let it blossom,
Right up from your toes,
Like a rose, it grows and flows and shows,
How you feel when you're with the STOP crew now,

Heart:  Are you confused never fear
We'll show you how.  
To make or break yourself is all up to you see,
The STOP Boys'll make it easy.

STOPpette: You know the stop boys will make it awesome and easy

Fly:  We will communicate our intentions
Reveal our inventions,
Check all dimensions and
Direct your attention.  

HeartThe awesome directive
Is oh so effective
It comes from within
The without is reflected.

Blaze:  Eliminate the negative
And reinstate the way to live
As positive its not too late
To offer up what you can give.  (beat)
Livin' large is allin your mind state.
STOPpette sing sweet and elaborate.

- Chorus - 

Short: Call me ShortSTOP from below coming atcha,
Don't be deceived by the size of my stature,
My lyrics'll catch ya, my awesome will snatch ya,
With the STOP Boys I'll attach ya.  

I'm awesome as they come cuz it comes from within

Easy as pie straight out of the tin.  
I came to win as I step to the plate,
And I'm always number one right out of the gate.  

You could be on top, (Fly) JUST LIKE SHORT STOP
With this hiphop as I pass it to NonSTOP.  
Puttin out fires as you cause em,
Watch us awesome-atize all that which is not {a}wesome

noNSTOP: My name is Nonstop and just like my name_         
To STOP is notan option DONTchu ever play the game, 
Cuz it's lame to blame your lack of fame on someone else
When it's ya own name bein shamed, gettin blamed, causin pain.  

Reign in the negative impact
et your head on track don't ever look back

Blaze: Make the change rearrange your hypothesis
Process this awesomeness

Non: STOP Boys are causing this blissful metamorphosis into what you'll become
As we awesome-atize all that which is not awesome.

Chorus -

noN:  NoNSTOP is how I rock tick tock like clockwork,
Never deviating from the awesome that I make work.  (beat)
Dusk til Dawn, night til morn it is on, round the clock's
When I rock never STOP keep it goin. (beat)

Go tell it on the mountain take away all the doubt and
Believe in the fountain of awesome within.
I dove in deep head first long ago,
And by Jove it's the awesome-ist I've ever known.

Short:  First base, Second base, Third base, ShortSTOP!  
Bringin back the awesome like I never left the blacktop.  

Heart: Snaggin line drives, makin head first dives, helpin turn around lives,

Short: Keep your eyes on the prize, 
Rise above the distress, realize you’re the best,
you could be just like me put yourself to the test.  
Like sugar in the raw I’m as sweet as they come,
Cuz I’m 100% pure unprocessed awesome!

Chorus x 2 -