Dear Actor (aka: business owner),

Wherever you currently are in your career, it is likely that you have experienced the feeling of being stuck.

If you are beginning to pursue an acting career, "stuck" means you don't know where to start.

If you are struggling to advance your career, it's possible you are overwhelmed by how much there is to learn or frustrated at not experiencing a pay off after years of your best efforts.

Even after a string of consistent work and undeniable success, you may wonder at the challenge of continuing to make a living at a high level.

All of these experiences demand growth. Tenacity. Commitment. They demand a constant dissatisfaction: not allowing yourself to be content with where you are at any given time.

In Stages, Adam Hill shares what he's learned as an actor and a teacher over the last 50 years. In support of his message, a cast of actors including Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) share their experience, wisdom, and passion for show business.

It is the passion that stands out. Getting work as an actor isn't easy and it's never guaranteed; as we revisit young actors over a few years (and for some, a few hairstyles), we experience their pains, the depth of their commitments, and the joy of their victories. While no two careers are identical, the challenges that actors face at every stage have much in common with each other--and with many other professions.

Do you love to act? Are you considering pursuing a professional career or know someone who is? Are you on your way to NYC or LA to chase your dreams? If so, Stages is perfect for you.

Maybe you are fascinated by actors or the industry at large. You learn from actors who are out there making their careers happen and experiencing the growth process in all of it's multi-faceted realities.

In fact, the primary lessons in Stages will translate to any profession or industry because the fundamentals of success are the same.

Watching Stages will...  

  • alter the myths that you may have heard about the business of acting and how careers unfold.  It's not as bad as you think and it's not as good as you think. It's a business.
  • shorten the learning curve it takes to develop the energy and discipline that will lead you to your successes.
  • help you get "unstuck," and find the inner resources to persist. We, as audience, are too often robbed of the unique self-expression of gifted artists who give up just before breaking through.

Lastly, we hope you are entertained...enjoy! 

To your success,

Michael Schreiber, producer


About Stages: 

Working on Stages was the spark that first led to this website.  The founding members of StageSuccess are also the team behind the film: Michael Schreiber, producer; and Adam Hill who conceived of and stars in the work. Stages is directed and edited by David Stott.

Stages was a project of passion, and was entirely funded by Michael and David. It is as independent as independent films get.

In addition to the cash outlay, over 2000 hours went into this work so far. Now, our efforts are focused on Stages being seen and making an impact.

If you feel particularly grateful, or you are inspired by our work and would like make a donation to our efforts, you can elect to give more than the $7 we ask. We greatly appreciate your support.

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