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The Shantigar Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit located in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. It was founded by legendary playwright Jean-Claude van Italie over 25 years ago. 

Through partnership built around Clearing the Path, I'm excited to highlight and share some of what Shantigar has to offer. Many episodes will feature artists and teachers from in and around the Shantigar community, and Jean-Claude and others will help to moderate and contribute to the Clearing the Path Facebook Group

In addition to serving on the Advisory Board, I have spent over 6 months in residence on the land over the last few years. The experiences I have had there--my relationship with the land, all that I've learned, and the friends I've made--continue to profoundly impact my life and inform my work.

I've had the privilege of introducing a number of friends to Shantigar; perhaps one day soon you'll be inspired to join us for an online meditation challenge or to attend a workshop in the summer.

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