The FAQs page is currently under development... more to come! Got a question? Contact us.


  • Do you work with complete beginners?

Yes. Anyone who is working to achieve a goal can benefit from guidance, and we can help a complete beginner get started much more efficiently than they would without us. Our ideal beginning client would come to us with some understanding of what they would like to achieve, having read this website and having watched Stages. However, if you want to schedule a consultation immediately: do it!

  • Is online coaching effective?

Yes. My clients and I have found it to be very effective. Just as we can watch a movie and judge the performances on screen, an acting coach is able to critique what is happening in front of them that they can both see and hear. Further, if you really have a rapport with a coach and you feel they are helping you, you should not miss out on them because they are away, and you don't have to. Online coaching saves travel time, money, and allows you to be comfortable at home while learning.  It has many advantages.

However, I encourage you to get up in front of people: there is no replacement for a live audience. And, when possible, I love working live and in-person.  

If a time comes when you need to be "pushed out of the nest," a good coach will make sure to do just that.


  • I just got an audition and it's coming up soon. How can I schedule an appointment ASAP?

If you need to schedule an appointment to prepare for an audition in a hurry and there are no available times that are soon enough on our scheduling page, please email us directly. You are also welcome to call 646-228-9831 and leave a message. We cannot guarantee that we will have availability on short notice, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment online up to 12 hours before the scheduled time. As coaches working in small blocks of time, we often plan our days around these appointments; late cancellations can cripple our productivity. For that reason, we need to charge for late cancellations and no shows.

We have the same respect for your time, as well. If we cancel within 12 hours, we will offer an additional session on top of the one that we had to reschedule. If we miss one, we owe you 2. It goes both ways.

Parents Supporting Minors

  • What ages do you actually work with?

We have found that for most students, 12 - 13 years is an appropriate age to begin to learn the craft. We generally work with actors from 12 years old on up, but it depends on both the individual and the goal.  

For example, we have had great success preparing kids as young as 5 for professional auditions. In those cases, the child is learning a performance and not a craft. In other words, they are too young to learn a craft and make informed artistic choices, so we help them deliver the best they are capable of now while laying a groundwork of strong fundamentals for the future.  

  • Does my child have talent?

We don't know. Talent is revealed through a marriage of instinct and craft. Until a student learns the craft of acting and has practiced applying it, we cannot see the fullest expression of their talent. Many actors with poor instincts thrive when they learn to express themselves through technique.

A better question to ask may be: does my child love this? There is a big difference between working with children who are there because their parents want them to try acting, and working with those who are themselves eager to become actors. If your child is showing interest in anything artistic, we encourage you to get them access to that thing.  

  • Should my child attend a talent convention?

Going to a convention can be very costly in addition to the time investment. Because of that cost, every convention is labeled a scam at one time or another by customers who did not feel like they got what they were promised. While I do attend many conventions as a coach, I am in no way part of marketing any convention to consumers... I don't know what promises individual sales people are making. Be careful.

That said, there are many excellent talent conventions. Any time you are in front of industry pros, they are investing their time and want you to be excellent! If they can hire you and look good because of it, then you are an asset to them and they need you in their business. So if you are ready to work right away--in terms of talent and marketability--a convention can provide excellent exposure. 

Not sure?  Schedule a 20 minute consultation and we will be glad to offer our point of view.

  • Can I help my child prepare for an audition?

Probably not, unless you have a solid foundation of acting training yourself. Because talented artists make acting look easy when we watch our favorite shows, we imagine it to be just memorizing lines and doing what the director tells you. This is NOT the case.  

Acting is a craft just like dancing, a sport, or playing a musical instrument. Just like any other discipline, bad habits will have to be broken once they are learned. If good habits are learned right away, that is much better. Further, working with a coach will help children take the time spent more seriously, feel more prepared for the audition, and take greater personal ownership of their work. All good things.