Podcast topics for me: 

  • Scope of work: The Kalidescope, the Telescope, Microscope, the Stethiscope, etc.
    • My creative mind is captivated by the interplay and inseparability of emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of our journeys through life.  I enjoy pulling up to 40,000 feet and looking down at the world, as well as working in the physical, detail-oriented nitty-gritty on the ground. My style as a
  • A blog post / or a video?: Cultivating Creative Energy (Maybe for the about page?) 
    • I've long thought this...acting class epiphany, years to realize it, things I've studied...
    • My creativity is expressed through the coaching partnership...my background with energetic work, helping artists be creative, young and beginning actors...taking all of those things and then being free to focus on the client...
    • It's important for me to energetically prepare before each coaching session...
      • start my day with energization exercises, 5 sun salutations, or Pranic Healing exercises...
      • 10-30 minute meditation
      • writing
      • Vertical Gesture before each coaching session, and demonstrate it.
  • Book reviews: The Power of Full Engagement, The Surrender Experiment...do a monthly post on books that have affected me, and how they have...



Work With Me OR About / Why Michael

If you are just out to make a lot of money, I'm probably not your guy.

If you are out to pursue a purpose, we are getting warmer...

If you are in pursuit of your purpose and intending to create massive prosperity, we are getting warmer still...

...and if you are in pursuit of your purpose, intending to create massive prosperity, and also interested in promoting mindfulness, sustainability, creativity, and growth through your work, I'd love to speak with you. 

Wanna talk? You can schedule a 9 minute call with me here.  In our short call, I'll work out IF or HOW I can help you. If it's not a fit, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. If it seems like it is, we’ll book in another time to talk more in depth. 


I have deep interests and experience in meditation, yoga, and other eastern practices and philosophies. They inform my style in that I see the play of the emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of what is happening along with the physical and practical. So yeah, I speak "woo," but with two feet firmly on the ground.


I'm very selective about who I choose to work with. I want my work with clients to inspire and energize me, not to frustrate and deplete me. One of my mentors, Michael Port, calls this his Red Velvet Rope. 




What I do: purpose



What's your next step?

On my way to crafting my current practice and lifestyle, I explored many different avenues. Some of them were purely creative pursuits, while others were motivated completely by a desire to make some cash so that I could "free myself up" to travel and create.

In my enthusiasm, I was sold many programs, courses, and other "shiny objects" that just were not an ideal fit. I invested large amounts of time, energy, and money-that-I-didn't-have. On multiple occasions, I spent years digging myself out of debt.  

Though all of this, I always knew deep down that my work in the world was out there, somewhere. I felt that my many diverse experiences and opportunities were grooming me to do something unique, fulfilling, and impactful, if only I could get out of my own way...

I will not push you into a blueprint written for someone else. 

In this era of climate crisis, political divisiveness, and the general accelerating rate of change everywhere we look, stepping up and doing what you can / what you are called to do is as important as ever. Not only for you, but also for the people around you. We need each other.

These callings, or actions that make up your work come in different shapes and sizes. They may be personal in nature: forgiveness, generosity, compassion for ourselves and others. They may involve our communities, or our artistry, or they may take the shape of activism. They may be projects or endeavors we engage with as part of our professional lives...

So, we ask: 

  • In our personal lives, can we make choices and respond to events in a way that helps us to maintain our humor and peace-of-mind?
  • In our artistic and social actions, can we develop clear-sightedness and the ability to act from a deeper place within ourselves?
  • In our professional lives, can we be of service, prosper, and enjoy the day-to-day of it all while staying aligned with our values?
  • How?!? And...
  • Are we doing it?!?

You are more than important enough to ask these questions of yourself, and to commit yourself to answering them. There is no shortcut available. If there is it's not sustainable, and you know it.

I believe that the questions above can all be answered YES, or resolved. I also believe that they can be answered YES/resolved by you, should you so choose. 

Welcome. I'm glad you are here.

Belief statement: connection, environment, Shantigar, Clearing the Path, what it is that I can do; helping others get to what they can do, depth and verticality