Who we are: StageSuccess is a collective of coaches and teaching artists committed to helping others develop, express, and make an impact with their unique talents.

What we do:  We help actors, speakers, and coaches get profitable doing what they love, on their terms. Sometimes that means helping them get better at their craft, and sometimes it means helping them figure out what their ideal artistic/professional life would look like and then helping them create it. Often, it's a combination of both.

Why we do it:  We find ourselves to be happier, more productive and more useful when we are engaged in things that we enjoy and that we believe in. We know what it took for us to be able to say that we love our work. We do this to help others be able to say the same.

How StageSuccess can help you: We can help you clarify your direction, strategize your actions, improve your skills, optimize your environment, and master your psychology around your goals. If you would like to learn more about working with us, we invite you to schedule a one-on-one Strategy Session with a coach.

The first and most important choice in is one of mindset, of choosing to take full responsibility for your results. If you want something different, or more, take action: learn as much as you can, apply it, and partner with coaches who you think can help you move faster.  Start now.

My (informal...but very real!) Dream Team Board of Advisors

In addition to serving those I support through StageSuccess, I freelance as a coach and consultant for other leaders in the personal development industry. These relationships ensure that I am continually challenged to improve as a coach, speaker, business owner, and as a human being on planet Earth. 

In fact, I think this is a powerful benefit of working with StageSuccess: not only can I recommend and refer to my growing network, I also have a built-in Dream Team Board of Advisors. They have each welcomed me on to their team for my current ability to support their clients, and they each invest in my growth so that I continue to improve every day.

The collective spirit of these organizations and the overlap among them, for me, best defines what StageSuccess is all about. 

For more on my work with each of them, see below, read about my ongoing coaching adventures, and follow me on social media using the links throughout this site. 


Michael Schreiber

Fearless Speaker Academy

For FSA, Michael supports a year long mastermind program of upcoming professional speakers. For some of the members, he serves as their one-on-one coach.

From the website: Get booked, be an inspiration on stage, make an impact, and take home a multi-6-figure income...

Free Range Thinking

From the website: Free Range Thinking is a rapidly growing Business Strategy Consulting company focused on helping leaders, business owners and creative professionals in the entertainment industry grow: grow their businesses, their influence, their visibility, their reach, and their revenue.

Michael serves select FRT clients both one-on-one and in partnership with founder Dawn Andrews.

Coaches with Clients

From his website: Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and personal coaching. He’s a 3-time number 1 bestselling author...he’s helped countless thousands around the world experience the life changing power of coaching....[and] he’s on a mission to get the whole world coached.

Michael is a member of Christian's elite coaching team, supporting other coaches in his programs as they build their businesses. 

Craft Acting Studio

From the website…[our] goal is to develop actors who comprehend and put to use all the particulars of the craft of acting. This means building a solid foundation, freeing the actor’s emotional instrument, encouraging intellectual growth… [We] prepare actors to perform their craft effortlessly, freely, and fully, to work with great clarity, and with physical, emotional, intellectual, and sexual energy…

Michael is a featured guest teacher and speaker at Craft Acting Studio (Las Vegas). He has also partnered with Craft to produce Stages, as well as the latest editions of Adam's books.


From the website: [Our mission is] to teach and inspire people to engage with the world from a more profound place within themselves, on an old farm in the Berkshire hills...to offer personal retreats, open-to-everyone workshops blending art and meditation, and the opportunity to create theatre. 

Michael serves on Shantigar's Board of Advisors, and is currently working with Josh Adler and founder Jean-Claude van Italie to develop a coaching program in support of the mission.

About Michael Schreiber

After finally finishing college, I immersed himself in the craft of storytelling as an actor and director in New York City. My creative pursuits led to an extensive study of business and personal development, producing a documentary film, and brief national recognition for living in of of NYC’s smallest apartments. 

At some point, people started asking me to work with young actors; to help them develop the confidence, technique and business acumen necessary to turn their passion for acting into a career. They kept asking, and since fist saying yes I have spoken to or worked with over 40,000 people in settings that include one-on-one consulting, workshops, seminars and conventions.

It definitely was not a straight line leading to today, however; I’ve had many jobs along the way. While I could never have planned my path, they do all inform my mission now.

A few examples: I spent a year doing sales as a Program Consultant for Deepak at the Chopra Center, and I embarked on a practice of mind-body health in addition to experiencing the sales environment. I’ve toured the US and Canada as a spokesperson for Ford Motor Co., and I’ve performed original hip-hop music with my over-the-hill boy band, The Stop Boys. 

Now based on the west coast, my work has expanded to include coaches and speakers as well as actors. My approach has evolved in that it’s now more comprehensive and more focused on results.

As a compliment, I work in support of other leaders in the coaching industry (as outlined above).