If you are anything like me, you have a strong sense of your capacity to do important work in the world. You have a message to share, an impact to make, or something to contribute.

At times, you can feel it happening. You appreciate the unique skill sets and perspectives that you've collected, how you’ve been groomed by your life, and everything that you've accomplished up to now. You see many inspiring possibilities for the future.

At other times, you may feel like you have barely started your work, or like everything that has happened up until now is prologue for the story that is about to begin...if only you could get out of your own way. No matter how things look to people from the outside, you relate often to an inner sense that you are capable of more.

You may put off that inner sense at times because it’s not convenient to deal with right now…if you are anything like me. You may tell yourself stories that you need to learn more, to have a little more experience, or to accomplish something publicly that gives you credibility. 

Yet, you look around and you can’t deny that whatever it is that would make you feel your most creative, prosperous, and alive, that seems to be--at least in part--what is needed in the world. You recognize that truth more deeply every time you see the daily news, speak with friends, or simply watch people living their lives...

All of the work on this site--from the writing, to the podcast, to my work with individuals and with groups--represents my commitment to serving others who feel capable of more in this way.

It's my belief that we get there not only through achievement, but also though deeper clarity, through compassion for the experience of being human, and through self-expression. We get there through action, through connection and communion with nature, through embracing uncertainty, and undoubtedly, through each other.

These are among my favorite lines in poetry. I unite avocation and vocation by helping others to do the same.

A few things to know about me...

I'm a rebel at heart. I don't like being told to do things without having a deep understanding and agreement about why they are being done. On at least 3 different occasions (all years ago), that stubbornness has gotten me fired. (Totally worth it, every time.)

I am not big on small talk. I want to talk about things that matter. At an event, I would much rather meet one or two people in-depth than to collect or distribute a pile of business cards.

I relish the moments of surprise that happen through creative process, collaboration, and taking action. While I often rely on process as a springboard into good work, I will not push you into a blueprint written for someone else.

I will never be a drill-sergeant style coach or business mentor who is out to kick your ass into gear. I think we criticize ourselves enough--especially the creative and progressive types that I tend to work with and be drawn towards. I am here to nurture your talents and to allow the structure you place around them to emerge...

...that said, I will not hold back if I sense that some "tough love" is truly what's needed (always with love). I have found that the coaching partnership is strongest when coach and client are able to face reality as directly as possible. 

As an acting coach and teacher, I've had the opportunity to support thousands of actors, from young and beginning to working professionals, in both the craft and business of acting. Additionally, and for the most part more recently, I've worked extensively as a coach/consultant for many leaders in the personal development industry--including Deepak Chopra, Christian Mickelsen, and Tiamo DeVettori--as well as with my own clients.

For more on my formal professional adventures (and misadventures), if you are interested, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

More Fun Facts...

I use my training and experience as an actor every time I speak, tell stories, and coach. At its core, this training taught me how to more deeply connect with and listen to others. Professional training as a coach and business strategist has only built upon this, in fact...

I got my start as a coach during my time as a professional actor in NYC. I was often asked to coach young actors for auditions, to teach groups of beginners both the craft and business of acting, and to speak at large industry conventions across the country.

  Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, November 2005  .

Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, November 2005.

Partly during that time, I lived in an apartment so small (110 sq. ft.) that I was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Every man dreams of being famous for having the smallest of something, right? Oh, and spoiler alert: Ellen and I spoon.

And finally, as part of a joke that did not know when to die, friends and I once started a hip-hop boy-band called The Stop Boys. Against all odds (and any good sense), we ended up performing in front of audiences as big as 4000 people, as well as landing our music on Spotify, and elsewhere. 

My favorite song we did is inspired by a favorite quote (which I channeled in my message towards the top of this page). It's called Come Alive.  For your listening pleasure...you're welcome. Or: I'm sorry. Whichever applies.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman